We are the only ice cream roll machine and supply company in United States. We offer a wide range of high quality and innovative products that will get you rolling quicker than you can say “Ice Cream Rolls”. We have EVERYTHING you need to start your ice cream roll business or implement ice cream rolls into your existing business and we are eager to work with you. Our skilled group of professionals are very knowledgable and are excited to help you every step of the way. Whether you want to franchise or create your own brand – Jaykro has the solution and resources for you.


We have an extensive and dedicated R&D team that works extremely hard to provide the highest quality products at affordable prices . Choosing Jaykro is choosing great products and great service.  Our patent pending machines are super efficient and simple to use and all of our supplies are produced with the finest materials. Our team works very hard to serve each and every one of our customers and we are here to help you every step of the way


Jaykro has always been and always will be, a quality driven company. Whether it is our products, business solutions, or customer service, quality is always our goal. Our team is made up of engineers, and business specialists that our customers can count on.  Quality and efficiency as a paramount is what makes Jaykro the leader in everything Ice Cream Rolls.