I have been so excited for winter break because winter break is always full of hanging out with Madeline and eating lots of ice cream! It also means hanging out in the best city ever, St. Louis! The ice cream Renaissance of St. Louis, which started about two years ago, continued this May with the opening of Clementine’s Naughty and Nice Creamery in the Lafayette Square area. Right before the brick and mortar scoop shop opened, I tried 6 different pints of Clementine’s ice cream and loved them! I’ve been super excited to take Madeline to Clementine’s ever since then!

Right before I flew to Boston to visit Brett, Madeline and I stopped by Clementine’s. There was no one else in the shop when we were there, so we took our time and sampled quite a few flavors before making our decisions. Knowing the portions are pretty small, both Madeline and I ordered three scoops. The flavors I ordered were Lemongrass Coconut, Salted Crack Caramel, and Peppermint Bark. The Peppermint Bark is a boozy, seasonal flavor made with Saint Brendan’s Peppermint Irish Cream Liqueur and chunks of homemade peppermint bark. The Salted Crack Caramel is salted caramel ice cream with salted chocolate cracker caramel.

I was most excited for the Salted Crack Caramel flavor because of the cracker candy in it. However, with the scoops as small as they were, I didn’t get a single chunk of candy in mine. I was pretty disappointed. The salted caramel base was great, but I would recommend getting two scoops of this flavor or taking home a pint in order to get some of the candy. My experience with the Peppermint Bark was similar. I think I got a couple tiny chunks of peppermint bark, but no big ones. However, the base of this ice cream was fabulous, so I wasn’t as upset. The base tasted more like the Irish cream liqueur than the peppermint, making this a unique twist on a seasonal classic. Lastly, the Lemongrass Coconut was perfect. The spicy, tart, and lemony lemongrass gave way to creamy coconut and the two flavors pair fabulously together. If you’re a fan of lemongrass in Asian cuisine, you need to try this flavor.